Explore Uganda’s Diverse Landscapes and Wildlife Safari Tours

Visit the “Pearl of Africa” and explore its lush national parks and game reserves. Let our team at Safari Guides create a customised safari itinerary for you and your loved ones. From visa procedure to vaccinations and the best seasons to visit, our expert guides and travel planners will help you at every stage.

You’ll get to see many exotic species in their own habitat during your well-escorted Ugandan safaris. The unexplored pearl of the African continent is unaffected by mass tourism and is a hot, new favorite for safari lovers.

From river deltas and endless grasslands, to big game wildlife, our guide will help you spot it all. Uganda enjoys great weather throughout the year making it a perfect safari destination for wildlife viewing.

Get a Tailor-Made Itinerary for Your Uganda Safari

Enjoy everything that Uganda has to offer by customising your itinerary. Let us know some of the places that you’d like to visit and we’ll edit your itinerary accordingly. Our Ugandan wildlife safari tours are eco-friendly and all our partners promote eco-tourism.

If you’re planning to go on a safari, check out the Uganda safari packages that are available on our website. You will surely find a package that fits your needs. Speak to one of our friendly representatives right away and get all your questions answered. You can contact us on +61 409 630 914.

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