When it comes to exploring the best in tea plantations in India and Sri Lanka, you can count on us. If you are a tea lover, there is nothing better than to immerse yourself in the peaceful, lush, green tea estates and farms to witness the process from plucking to withering, rolling, fermenting, drying, sorting, blending and packing tea. In short, learn all about tea. Our Grand Tea Tour allows you to experience variety and complexity of teas from different regions and the unique taste of each terroir. Learn about processing the different types of tea – green tea, oolong, black tea and white tea and many other specialty teas.

Tea Tour India- A Glimpse Into A Fascinating Process!

Safari Guides, is an eminent tourism company delivers the best quality, customized and budget-friendly tea tour to India and Sri Lanka. India is one of the biggest tea producers and consumers in the world. Tea is a vital part of Indian and Sri Lankan identity. Though tea was commercially introduced to India and Sri Lanka by the British, it has now become an integral part of the culture and is the favorite beverage of region. Tea is often known as “the poor man’s drink”

Going on a vacation with family and friends to the mountains is the best way to rejuvenate one’s self. Where does one go? Do not worry …. we have you covered with the best of tea in India and Sri Lanka. We stay in grand colonial estate bungalows and plantation clubs, steeped in history.

    • Darjeeling– It is a most popular hill station of India and is surrounded by tea estates which boast almost 25% of India’s tea production.
    • Munnar and the High Ranger – This is Kerala’s most flourishing and largest tea growing district
    • The Nilgiris – Located in Tamilnadu, the Nilgiris is perhaps the largest tea district in the world
    • Assam – Is the ‘Tea Capital of the World’ and the largest tea producing state in India. You have to try the “malty Assam teas” – the specialty of the region
    • Sri Lanka – Is an experience by itself. We visit the various tea growing regions such as Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, Ratnapura, Ruhuna – each unique in its own way. Safari Guides creates personalized and unforgettable tours to tea estates in Sri Lanka and allows you to wind down, breathe the fresh air while enjoying the picturesque beauty of the surrounding mountains and valleys. An oasis of peace, calm and quiet in the middle of a tea estate will completely rejuvenate you. Sri Lanka – The pearl-shaped, magical tea island is a heaven for any visitor. You may wish also to enjoy beaches and wildlife parks with your family.

As tourism experts with a tea background and experienced wildlife adventurers, we will recommend some of the best places to visit. We will plan your trip in such a way that you can join the tea pluckers and get a hands on understanding of tea, stocking up unforgettable memories to cherish for a lifetime. And of course, enjoy an amazing cup of tea, wherever you go.

We also do tea training tours, coffee origin tours and tea/coffee buyer tours.

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