A Blend of Tea & Culture – Sri Lanka

Take a break from your busy schedule and visit the lush green hill country! Being a land of sacred monuments, festivities, mountain peaks, and flavourful food, Sri Lanka is a great place to visit. Let the team at Safari Guides make all the arrangements for your trip to Sri Lanka.

The small island of Sri Lanka is a place bursting with energy and provides a warm welcome to all tourists. Sri Lanka is known for the tea that is grown over there, from single origins to mixed fruit blends.

Enjoy the Beautiful Tea Plantations in Sri Lanka

Tea tourism in Sri Lanka is booming now with many tourists visiting tea plantations all through the year. Apart from the tea plantation visits, you can also explore the unique wildlife of Sri Lanka where you’ll find elephants casually crossing your paths and leopards resting by the roadside. Sri Lanka has over 22 national parks, including the world-renowned Yala National Park and can be an exciting addition to your tea tour itinerary.

As we support ecotourism, we’ve partnered up with various hotels, forest camps, and resort lodges that function in an eco-friendly manner. This will ensure that the natural biodiversity of Sri Lanka isn’t destroyed due to tourism. As a part of your Kandy tea plantation tour, we can also add a quick excursion to the lakeside Temple of the Sacred Tooth.

If you have any questions about the Sri Lanka tea tour, get in touch with us today and feel free to ask us any questions you have. You can contact us on 04 0963 0914 to speak to our representatives. We can also make a custom itinerary for an unparallel trip to Sri Lanka.

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